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Samsung LNS4051D & Harmony 880, TV input?

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Hey guys, I have the 880 remote set to everything I want except the TV input mode for the Watch TV command. The original samsung remote does not have individual input selection, you have to cycle, however I was able to program some of the individual code. For example, I press watch DVD, and input to HDMI1, it will automatically go to HDMI1 without cycling. When I press watch TV, I don't know what the input I should use so that it will switch to the tuner so that I watch watch TV. I can't make the remote learn it since the original samsung remote only has one button to cycle through the source. The 880 remote recommend input-antenna but that's not correct because that switches between tuner (TV & Cable). Any help?
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Does pressing one of the number buttons select the tuner input? If so, use any of the number commands for tuner input...assign the input command with the "Adjust Inputs" setup under Device options.
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