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brand new to this site, had a question i wanted to throw out there. i'm currently in the process of upgrading my entire entertainment center. looking at getting the following stuff:

Samsung LNT4665 LCD

Pioneer Elite VSX-81TXV Receiver

Klipsch RF-10 Home Theater System

however, i'm at a crossroads for the dvd player. i currently have a Sony 5-disk changer which has Component video out (i think Component was brand new right around when i picked this stuff up). the ongoing HD format war is aggrivating. i'm not going to buy a blu-ray or hd-dvd player (or even a combo one) for a while. truth be told, the first HD player i get may be the PS3, but we'll see. i'm gonna hold out for blu-ray to stick it into HD-DVD's eyeball and take the victory.

anyway, this is where i don't know what i should do. should i keep this sony dvd player and use component out to the tv or purchase a dvd upconverter player? anyone have experience playing standard dvds on the Samsung LNT4665 with an "older" model dvd player? does the dvd upconverter make that much of a difference visually? what are your recommendations for a dvd upconverter if you think thats the better route? i'd ideally like one that also supports mp3 play so that i can get rid of this silly cd changer i picked up that supported mp3 playback....my sony dvd changer doesn't.

thanks in advance.

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Originally Posted by Tyger69 /forum/post/0

i just realized i may have put this in the wrong area...sorry if people get angry, i'm a newbie!

mods can move this if it belongs in the LCD subject area.

It belongs in the SD DVD player forum, and the LCD flat panel display forum.

DVD Players (Standard Def)

LCD Flat Panel Displays
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