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Since it was getting pretty hard to track this problem in the other thread i decided to start this thread.

This problem is present on all mainboards with 1011 firmware.

Here are a few posts highlighting the problem

Originally Posted by marshall110 /forum/post/12914697

Hey guys,

I just had my board upgraded this past Friday from 1009/1004 to a 1036/1011 (4066F). Out the gate I noticed severe green push. Changed the service menu panel setting from AMV to AMW. Green push was gone with what I thought was ever so slight green push, but negligeable. Well, I came across some questionable scenes last night while watching Planet Earth and wanted to be certain I didn't have excess green push so I went to my bro's who has a 4665F July build 1032/1009.

First, the good news: there is no green push. The questionable scenes in Planet Earth were all replicated with green tinge pretty closely which leads me to conclude that this is how it is. Also, the green in Grandpa's beard in Enemy at the Gates was also present in my bro's 1009.

Now the bad news. Almost immediately upon loading the scenes, I noticed the images looked more vibrant with more pop, just more of a presence. I calibrated the 1009 to the settings I have on my 1011, and although closer to what I remember my pic looking like, there still was a quality about it. The image looked clearer and sharper as well, and this was on a 46" vs my 40.

I took pictures of certain scenes for comparison (this is the best I can do at this time, I just can't uproot my set for a side by side comparison at this time). I was quite happy with my original board but never fully calibrated the set as I wanted to wait until I upgraded my board. First thing I did with the new board was use 1499 settings and then tweaked from there. I spent 2 full days tweaking these settings to my liking so the pics from my 1011 represent the best pic I could get. This is in no way a controlled test, too many variables (different sources, different environments, etc.) but I can say this, when I got home and fired up my set with Enemy at the Gates, I noticed a difference and not a good one at that. Fortunately, I asked the technician to hang on to my old board for 2 weeks just in case so I believe I'm going to have it swapped back in, I can deal with 1-2 HDMI dropouts a month.

See below for details:

Pics were taken with an Olympus E-500 Digital SLR. Manual mode with no flash, 1/6 shutter speed with F6.3 on a tripod with 2sec timer. I tried to approximate the shooting distance and both rooms were as dark as I could get them.



Toshiba A2 HDMI


1032/1009 July 21, 2007

Toshiba A30 HDMI

Movie Mode

Contrast: 90

Brightness: 47

Sharpness: 20

Color: 56

Tint: 50

Backlight: 3 (very dark room with 20w table lamp)

Color Tone: Warm 1

Digital NR: Auto

Detailed Settings:

Black Adjust: Off

Dynam Cont: Low

Gamma: -1

Color Space: Auto

Edge Enhanc: On

xvYCC: Off

White Balance

R-Offset: 21

G-Offset: 18

B-Offset: 21

R-Gain: 7

G-Gain: 17

B-Gain: 26

My Color Control

Pink: 19

Green: 15

Blue: 15

White: 15

HDMI Black Level Low

1009 Enemy at the Gates

1011 Enemy at the Gates

1009 Planet Earth

1011 Planet Earth

1009 Planet Earth 2

1011 Planet Earth 2

Originally Posted by markwondi /forum/post/12901727

I received mine today (5265) with the 1015/1011/1007 board and firmware. While I don't have much to rely on based on HD (my first HD experience), the TV does seem to be very lackluster as stated. Movies looked ok, but not great as expected. Right now, I only have OTA channels, but will have dish network out this saturday.

I haven't calibrated it much yet, but out of the box it's not what I expected.


Originally Posted by Penrod6109 /forum/post/12908179

LNT4665 1015/1011/1007, Version SX10. Serial number includes PQ.

I've tried calibrating this TV using 2 separate calibrating DVD's: Joe Kane's Video Essentials and Avia. Neither calibration corrected the poor PQ (For both HD and regular channels) and I am at my wits end on adjusting. I've also tried the recommended settings found on these forums, but still poor PQ with shadowing and grainy pictures. Are there any other recommendations? I am very close to returning this TV but want to be absolutely sure it's the TV and not something I could fix myself.

KELEGACY, have you had any luck?

I spoke with a Samsung tech support today and he seemed very knowledgable. He says he is 99% positive that it is the signal from my cable box (AT&T). Of course he said that since he works for Samsung, but is anybody having the same issues with OTA HD channels? What about the PQ from a HD DVD or Blu Ray player (I have neither)?


Originally Posted by Kelegacy /forum/post/12915427

Okay, we need to pester Samsung to fix this stuff. If possible, anyway. The new boards/firmware for the 4665 is not cutting it.

I tried to calibrate with Avia last night. I couldn't get the contrast and brightness to work in harmony. I even messed with the gamma, brought it down to -3 and upped the brightness, lowered, it, brought the gamma to every other setting, but the two bars that float around during the brightness setting (where the left one should be invisible and the right one just barely seen) do NOT disappear whatsoever. I never had a problem calibrating in the past. Something is very weird.

Sharpness, cranking it up to 100 or down to 0, doesn't change anything, or is extremely negligible. My 1032/1009 firmware/board had settings where you could definitely see a difference in any of the calibrations.

HD is grainy. I put Noise Reduction to High, but that is not an acceptable solution, as it makes things even more soft. I thought the HD reception was bad to begin with, but as I got closer to the screen it was even more prominent.

If there are any numbers, email addresses--whatever--that you guys know of for complaints or concerns, or just general inquiries, let me know. I'm at work so I would like to send off a nice fat email and not get caught on the phone, but the addresses on Samsung's page are giving me nothing.

I was concerned before I tried to calibrate, but afterwards it's obvious something might be awry. My naked eyes were correct the frist time.

This problem is present on my LN-T5265F 1015/1011/1007, PANEL SS05 Jan 08 build.

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Good idea. Send this to the Samsung monkeys. They HAVE to be made aware of this issue. Many guys, many areas of the US, all experiencing the same issues.

If I was within my 30 days with this television, and it wasn't a replacement, I would return pronto. It sucks, the 65 series is/was a beautiful television model.

They really need to release a firmware...or let us know that we need some service. What a terrible experience I am having with my first HDTV.

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Originally Posted by markwondi /forum/post/12922853

I calibrated mine based on HD OTA channels, and it has a VERY grainy picture and is very "soft"

Sharpness and contrast control do very little to nothing for the picture on mine.

My first 4665 had definite changes in sharpness as I increased/decreased. This model, not at all. It's very strange.

Calibrations all came up inadequate when using Avia. From brightness/contrast to sharpness. I had to give up and resign myself to waiting for Samsung to issue a fix. I mean...I hope they do. Doesn't anyone at Samsung do QA, or compare new boards/firmware with the old?

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My own personal experience with Samsung CS got "never heard of that before", "it sounds like a problem with the input and not the tv", "I am level 2 tech support and if there was an issue with this tv I would know about it". blah blah blah I feel your pain guys. Good luck.

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I don't know if this means anything but I just went into the settings with my 4665 1037/1011 setup to check the bit settings using the following commands from the official LNT xx61/65 post found here http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=847465 and also below:

With your TV off, press MUTE, 1, 8, 2, and then POWER

Then, choose the OPTION BYTE.


Make sure the SCREEN SIZE is correct: Panel Option = 46AMW for LN-T4665 displays, and 46AM for LN-T4661 displays.

Make sure that if you own an LN-T4x65 that your Lvds Tx Bit = 10bit.

Make sure if you own an LN-T4x61 that your Lvds Tx Bit = 8bit.

If you own an LN-T4x65, your should change your model so it says "Tulip Side."

If you own an LN-T4x61, you should change the model so it says "Tulip."

I noticed everything was correct expect for the bit settings. The post above says that on the x65 the bits should be set to 10bit. However, mine was set to 8 bit and when I switched it to 10 all the colors got extremely messed up. Going back to 8 bit made things look normal again.

I am wondering if the new boards may have an issue with the x65 and not being allowed to go into 10 bit mode as they are suppose to for this tv?

Can anyone else check this and see if they have similar results?? or if they think this may have something to do with the problem??

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i just got a 4665f last week. the brightness adjusts but the sharpness doesn't. i came here to see alot of others having the same problem, sure enough i have the 1011 firmware. is there anywhere online i can get the upgrade or do i have to go through Samsung support? i hear their support is pretty bad

another thing, does any one else's set make clicking sounds when it's turned on or off? i've read on some other forums, some people say it's normal some say it's not

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Originally Posted by DXiRoNMaN /forum/post/12930709

i just got a 4665f last week. the brightness adjusts but the sharpness doesn't. i came here to see alot of others having the same problem, sure enough i have the 1011 firmware. is there anywhere online i can get the upgrade or do i have to go through Samsung support? i hear their support is pretty bad

another thing, does any one else's set make clicking sounds when it's turned on or off? i've read on some other forums, some people say it's normal some say it's not

I tried calling tech support but they just gave me the run around.
I hope someone has better luck. The clicking sound is normal. I think it is the lamp turning on and off. From what i've read it seems the 65F has 3 lamps. If you hear the click followed by darker picture, it could mean one of the lamps just cut off.
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