At CES last January, Samsung's QLED TVs got all the attention, but they weren't the only flat panels up the company's sleeve. In fact, the Samsung MU series wasn't shown at CES; it was announced only yesterday. The press release refers to the series as MU 6, MU 7, MU 8, and MU 9 , but all except the MU 9 have two model lines each—flat and curved screens, offering consumers a choice. The MU 9—aka MU9000 —is flat.

The MU7500 provides a curved screen and pedestal base. The MU8000 (photo at the top of this article) is flat with a four-foot base, which requires a wider platform on which to place it. Each line in the MU series uses one or the other type of base.

The MU-series TVs are step-down models from the company's QLED TVs, which Mark Henninger covered from CES here , and he posted part 1 of his review of the flagship Q9F here . All models in the new series are LED edgelit, just like the QLED TVs, but they do not incorporate quantum dots.

Even so, all models in the MU series are capable of reproducing high dynamic-range (HDR) images in the HDR10 format (not Dolby Vision) with UHD resolution (3840x2160). And of course, they all provide Samsung's Smart TV functionality and Smart Remote Control with voice activation.

As you would expect, the feature set expands as you move up the food chain. The MU 7 series offers 4K Color Drive Pro, while the MU 8 ups the ante with 4K Color Pro Extreme, 4K HDR Extreme, Triple Black, and MR 240. The top-line MU 9 adds Triple Black Extreme and an anti-reflective layer that reduces glare to improve black-level performance.

I've asked for clarification of what these features are, but I haven't yet received a response. According to the press release, Triple Black "showcases the slightest details in dark scenes," and MR 240 refers to "an enhanced motion rate of 240 [I assume this is motion resolution equivalent to a refresh rate of 240 Hz] to bring fast-moving content to life." I assume that 4K HDR Extreme expands standard dynamic-range (SDR) content to HDR, but I need to confirm this.

Naturally, the Samsung MU series of TVs cost less than the QLEDs. Here's a list of sizes and prices for each line:

MU6300 (Flat)

40" $550
43" $600
50" $750
55" $800
65" $1300
75" $TBD

MU6500 (Curved)

Sizes and prices to come

MU7000 (Flat)

40" $700
49" $800
55" $1100
65" $1700

MU7500 (Curved)

49" $1000
55" $1300
65" $1900

MU8000 (Flat)

49" $1200
55" $1500
65" $2200
75" $3800
82" $TBD

MU8500 (Curved)

55" $1700
65" $2200

MU9000 (Flat)

55" $2000
65" $2700
75" $TBD

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