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Every year Samsung tries to overcome the problem of poor contrast in LCD TVs creating a new Issue

Q9FN crush shadow details

Q90R issues of the native contrast Appears especially in gamesThey are excellent in black but not to the required level

Q900RA Poor 8k tv with poor contrast = poor quality

Q900 Beautiful but did not last long and suffer of some issues

Samsung should introduce a new technology dual layer lcd, QD Glass, mini led QD OLED

Support few audio format just dolby digital
We do not want marketing and disparaging customers We want a leading product that satisfies Samsung fans

We want something to be proud of

We know that Samsung has wasted possibilities and challenges in terms of price vs quality, but Samsung must be resolved quickly

We do not want the strength of one side with the weakness of another side clearly

When will Samsung return and offer an like self emissive tv product

Honestly I find the TV market seems boring Somewhat There is only one WORLD technology and all companies rely on LG panels with different processing only

Where did Panasonic compete with Sony tv and Samsung tv

There are only different QLED TVs that do not reach the required level of contrast

At each shootout event the results seem boring

the WOLED always wine With same type panel

Samsung always lose in shootout tv event, how to be satisfied About herself compared to Samsung in 2013

Will 2020 be just a joke from Samsung ?

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It seems to me that Sony has now surrendered to develop an LCD PFS display vs WOLED

They seek to introduce joled

Sony always silent does not know its way
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