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Samsung N5300 TV Picture Question

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Sometimes Some shows end up displaying as 4:3 from my HD Comcast Cable service, is it safe to watch those shows? or should i try to extend the picture or find something else to watch that takes up the Entire Screen, and be fully in 1080P?

Comcast Wireless TV box, XI5
Main Dvr XG1V4 4K Box for Main TV

Thank you all in advance in this matter
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Your display is an LCD. It is 100% safe to be watching 4:3 material on it. LCDs have no risk of burn-in, if that's your concern.
That was definitely my concern, on screen burn in, as wasn't too sure on that aspect, as never did it on my old Rear Projection TV, But Good to know it's safe on this newer model now if i want to, such a relief knowing this

Was Changing the Channel each time a show from like Tubi TV, or Peacock came up as 4:3, and found something either Letterbox or Full Screen as i always did that with my old Rear Projection years ago
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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