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Hello All!

This forum has been a great help in the past. Here is a tough one:

Sister in Law in India has a Samsung LA32R71 LCD flat panel. On the spec sheet, it says "PAL Multi"

She wants us to bring over a camcorder from USA, but the ones here are only NTSC.

Her Samsung home theater is multi system output (NTSC or PAL)

No where on the Samsung website is "PAL Multi" defined, I have spent three hours searching the indian/asian/australian/middle eastern websites to get a definition of "PAL Multi" I have downloaded multiple instruction manuals, and no help in the specs.

So here is my question:

Does "PAL Multi" mean compatability with all PAL systems (Australia/Japan/singapore etc) or does it mean PAL/NTSC/SECAM compatability?

Thanks in advance
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