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I really hate posting this type of question. But I do have 2 specific questions, so possibly someone with "1st hand" experience can answer.

I already have a 40" samy led with allshare and somewhat like it. (in bedroom) Going to install a 60" size in living room.

What are peoples preference between samy allshare and lg smartshare? Big difference, or not.

What are people pref. between samy remote and lg remote?

I like the idea of LG's remote being like a laser and pointing at TV. However...if LG's smartshare sucks, then I would def. go with a samy again.

I'm just not experienced with the LG, and eviews are mostly 2 yrs old (can not believe)

Please someone chime it here. I use the allshare frequently and travels nicely wifi to tv from my PC some 50' away through 2 walls.

Thx for input. DM
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