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Samsung or Vizio?

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I'm only an hour drive from Best Buy and they have some 43 inch 1080p sets. My current Samsung is killer. What do you guys think about Samsung vs. Vizio? Are the Samsung sets higher in quality or picture?
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Personally, Samsung is much better than Vizio.

Vizio is good for going cheap, but at least to me, the build quality isn't as good, can have some wobbly parts. And software updates either to fix issues or improvements are rare. You pay for what you get really.

Not bad for the price but just don't expect much more software wise beyond what came out of the box.

Samsung has app support and updates and better features as well as the solid build quality.

My Vizio just died after 4 years, other Samsung's I've had among others last much longer.
I chose to go with a Samsung N5300 43 inch 1080p. Picked it up from Best Buy. Looking forward to plugging it in and letting her rip.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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