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I have a Samsung 42" Plasma just over 2 years old. Sorry I don't know the exact model number. Anyway, today all of a sudden, when I turned on the TV, all the way across the top, the pixels are all out of whack.

It looks like the first 2 rows of pixels, about an inch or so thick, all the way across the top of the screen. It looks like a bunch of stuck or discolored pixels. This happens no matter the input, blu-ray, HD cable, Wii, etc.

When I do the burn-in programs, like the white screen or the screen wipe, they do not appear on the screen, but as soon as I do anything else, it's there and it's really annoying. Any thoughts?

I can't afford to buy a new HDTV right now and this set has been great so far. I don't know what to try.

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