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I just bought a PN51D490 yesterday. Its my 3rd Samsung and I love it. Im being VERY careful this time about the break in this time. I have my settings very low, and I have pixel shift at 4 vertical, 4 Horizontal, every 1 minute.

My question is this. You all know how there are now several channels that keep their logo, and/ or another shows ad running full time. For example Im watching Travel Channel and the logo is up almost the entire time. So needless to say this worries me as far as burn in. Ive seen the long term effects that static images over a long period can do to a TV, hence my cautiousness.

I know that the pixel shift can help this, however if the pixels in the logo, just shift to the next few pixels and they are the same color that has been on for a long period is this going to help? Or is it just like not having it on at all as far as logos that are always there?

I know my question sounds strange but hopefully Ive written it so my question is clear. Anyway thanks in advance for advice and answers.
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