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Just bought this yesterday and hooked it up last night. This is replacing my 5 year old 42" Panny TH-42PX60U.

First impression was that I loved the look of the TV compared to my Panny. My Panny had a gray boarder and I never liked it...always wanted all black. The Samsung is shinny but it hasn't bothered me but I could see how someone might get glare if lighting is in the wrong spot. I'm not a fan of the silver stand but I don't use stands so not a big deal for me. I don't care about the thickness one bit. The difference between 1" and 3" off my wall is not something I care about so I'm fine with it.

So I finally got it mounted on my old bracket and turned on the TV. Immediately I thought the picture looked very good. I tried using the only settings that someone posted in the internet but that guys settings were terrible. I went back to factory settings for Standard and Movie and I ended up sticking with Standard but turned down the Contract to 60. The picture is great. The colors pop pretty nice with good edges and it handles motion very well. I watched Mission Impossible III on my Xbox HD DVD and it looked so nice. I can't wait to do calibration but I'll wait for a while until it's broken in. I'm not doing a break in DVD...never had a problem with burn in on my Panny so I'm not too concerned. Blacks might be too black right now but obviously need to calibrate to know how they really perform but from what I can tell it looks like they should be great. I was very impressed how good the picture looks from just using the factory Standard setting...let's put it that way.

I have noticed there is a very slight humming sound that I can only hear when standing about 5' or less in front of the TV and no sound interfering. So this is not something that I care about because it will not affect me watching TV.

I noticed that I have a rectangular section of my screen that is slightly darker when viewing a solid color on my screen. Someone posted a picture of this I believe on AVS but it's literally only when your TV is all one color. If you're not looking for it you would probably miss it. I also noticed on an iPad commercial when the entire background is all white and there is something in the middle of the screen that there is some slight color trails (not sure if there is a name for this). Essentially it's almost like the word iPad in the middle of the all white screen is creating the pixels that are horizontal to it (left and right) to be affected and change color a little. It's not major and for all I know this could go away when I calibrate because I paused the TV and played with the Contrast a little which seemed to increase/decrease the affect. Both of these issues go away when the contrast is at 75 but at the setting I currently use during break-in (65) you can see it a little.

I did not buy any 3D stuff as I wan't to make sure I was going to keep this TV. I wasn't able to test 3D in the store as it wasn't on display so I figured I'd wait and test the 2D content before buying everything else (which I will be getting this weekend not that I know I'm keeping this great deal of a TV). I would love some recommendations on glasses and blu-ray players as I haven't done any research on this yet. I was considering just getting a PS3 but let me know if you guys think that's a good/bad idea.

Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase especially because of the insane deal I got. It's def a better pic/TV than my old Panny (which will go in the bedroom). I feel the issues I discussed are nothing that affect my viewing/experience with this TV except in those few times when there are solid colors on my screen which is so few and far between that it doesn't matter to me. Bottom line is that I feel this TV perform/looks great. I'll try to post a review after I get 3D hooked up.

PS - I played Black Ops on it for like 5 minutes but I can't really give much of a review so I will when I have more time played. The only thing I noticed is that it's very difficult to get used to playing a first person shooter on a 58" vs a 42". Hopefully that will go away.

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Well, I got mine last week and I can say that I am pretty much satisfied with this TV. I had a Panasonic plasma before, so this is my first experience with a Samsung TV. I found a great bundle deal at BB, so I bought the TV, Blu-ray player (BD-C5900) and the 3D starter kit.

The picture quality is very good and I also tried the only imagine settings that I found in someone's review at Amazon. I too found them terrible so I reverted to the original settings. The TV needs calibration, but I know I am supposed to use it for some time before I call the Geek Squad. mrfurious214: are you going to call a professional or are you going to use the Eye-one to calibrate it yourself?

I too have noticed the humming or buzzing noise, but you can only hear it when you are close to the TV and when the room is quiet. About the buzzing noise, there is some kind of official explanation from Samsung I found at http://reviews.bestbuy.com/answers/3...m?sort=recenta . To summarize it:

The buzzing sound your plasma TV makes is normal. It's caused by the electrical charges that are used to create the images on the screen. The buzzing, however, should not be so loud that you can hear it when the volume on the TV is set at normal levels.

BTW, in the link provided above, there is an interesting reply to a question about the difference between this model and the PN58c8000. According to the answer:

Although both the pn58c8000 and pn58c680 are 3D Plasma TVs, the pn58c8000 offers an ultra slim profile, [email protected], and a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 7,000,000:1; while the C680 offers a standard width and a Dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1.

3D Content: It looks very good. I tried the IMAX documentaries included in the starter kit and they are quite impressive. The glasses seem to lose sync if I move my head suddenly, but they sync again quickly.

I'll post my current settings here. I'm not entirely happy with them. I am still experimenting and I am not that good manually trying to calibrate a TV, so if you are better and would like to share your settings I would appreciate it.

DISCARD THESE SETTINGS. HERE ARE THE MOST CURRENT ONES: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...5#post19835815

Here is what I have so far:

Mode: Movie

Cell Light: 9

Contrast: 90

Brightness: 58

Sharpness: 50

Color: 53

Tint (G/R): G35/R65

Black Tone: Off

Dynamic Contrast: Off

Gamma: 0

RGB Only Mode: Off

Color Space: Auto

White Balance:

R-Offset: 23

G-Offset: 24

B-Offset: 25

R-Gain: 25

G-Gain: 25

B-Gain: 25

Flesh Tone: 0

Edge Enhancement: Off

xvYCC: Off

Color Tone: Warm1

EDIT: I changed the color tone to Warm1. Warm2 looked to greenish to my eyes.

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I will just calibrate myself.

I bought a Sony BDP-S570, the starter kit, and A Christmas Carol 3D today and when I hooked everything up only normal Blu Ray discs worked!!! I couldn't get 3D to work. I tried everything...updated firmware, rebooted, etc but 3D wouldn't work. Normal Blu Ray looked awesome on the TV. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a replacement and post a review. I did try the 2D to 3D conversion which is not good. The picture is kind of clear but it just looks very weird. So that feature is useless. I also have Directv sending me a new box for 3D channels. I'll keep you all posted.
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