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Hello all, this is another help me decide thread. This site seems to be regard as one of best for info on HD.

So I have Sony 40s3000, not bad lcd but I really would like to give plasma a try as I have read that the recent ones really blow lcd away. I have narrowed it down to Samsung 50 and these two model the B530 and the B650, I know there has been many threads on the B650. Now its going in the basement its only going to be used for gaming(PS3 and maybe a Wii) and movie watching mainly blueray. I do not do online gaming nor really care for the online web stuff of the B650 so that is not a selling point for me and I don't care about the Touch of color stuff. Where I am there is a $900 difference between these models. So on a futureshop comparison the specs are:

Both have 1080p, 600hz,24p frame rate.

The main differences I see are 530 has 2,000,000:1 Contrast ratio and the 650 has 3,000,000:1, 530's video processor is an 18-bit + Wide colour enhancer2, but the 650 uses a Crystal full HD 18 bit with dual core processor. Also the other main different in the screen filter, the 530 has only a filterbright as the 650 uses an ultra.

I also will not be making using usb with jpeg or mp3 stuff. So knowing where the tv is going and what it will be used for, please help me decide, I have to say at a difference of $900 I am leaning towards the 530, will I really notice the difference in picture if I go with the B650 or it the $900 really just buying the extra features.

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