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Hi. I'm a complete newbie, and am trying to figure out which TV to buy. I'm looking at the Samsung LN52B610 (LCD) vs. the Samsung PN50B650. They are essentially the same price, although the appeal of the LN is that I can buy it at Costco and get a 2 yr guarantee. I'll be watching in a room that's moderately bright during the day, watching HD cable, Blu-Ray and upconverted DVD's, and streaming Netflix. I watch some sports. I'm very fussy about picture quality, particularly whether or not color looks natural, and if the image is sharp. I've definitely been leaning toward plasma, which seems to me to have a much sharper, truer picture, but there's the buzzing worry with them, plus there's that good Costco guarantee. Thoughts? (I hope to buy tomorrow.)
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