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Hello ,

I started this "quest" for a new TV 2-3 weeks ago. Now that I got myself familiarized with the options and terminology, I thought I would describe my situation and ask the experts on the forums for thoughts. (full disclosure - I bought a Sony XBR2 60 inch when I was single few years ago - rear projection. I should have done more research when I bought it).

Anyway, here are the choices I have and I am planning to go to Bestbuy over the next few days to compare the picture side by side. I am planning to check them out on -

1) Regular 2D picture quality

2) 2D to 3D "upconvert" (right term?)

3) 3D

4) Audio (this is important to me!)

At this point, the only thing I made up my mind on is that I want a 3D TV (it is cool and for $300-$400 bucks more for the entire life of TV, why not?). My viewing distance is 8-10 feet and my wife doesn't think we need more than a 46 inch TV. For me, I don't get the concept of "this TV is too big" (just don't get it!!
). I got my 60 inch TV when the viewing distance was 10-12 feet! :)

I live on the 14th floor and I have a really big window (with reasonably good downtown view) in the living room. I want to be able to keep the window open and still enjoy my TV. Based on what I am reading, seems like C8000 is better than C7000 for that? And pretty much everyone here thinks plasma (PN series) is better than LED LCD (UN series) for 3D. But would having too much light exposure matter? (And plasma has 50 inch in size and my wife likes that!
). And for the same price (or close enough), I can get the Samsung audio bar if I get PLasma instead of LCD/LED.

Why is LED LCD 3D that expensive when compared to Plasma 3D (3-4 years, there was lot of chatter about "burn in" for plasma. I see it subsided recently).


Thanks for your help!

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