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*I posted this yesterday and just moving the thread to this new forum since I see more relevant activity/comments here - will close/delete the original one* I am leaning more towards the LCD LED version, so I am posting it here.


Hello ,

I started this "quest" for a new TV 2-3 weeks ago. Now that I got myself familiarized with the options and terminology, I thought I would describe my situation and ask the experts on the forums for thoughts. (full disclosure - I bought a Sony XBR2 60 inch when I was single few years ago - rear projection. I should have done more research when I bought it).

Anyway, here are the choices I have and I am planning to go to Bestbuy over the next few days to compare the picture side by side. I am planning to check them out on -

1) Regular 2D picture quality

2) 2D to 3D "upconvert" (right term?)

3) 3D

4) Audio (this is important to me!)

At this point, the only thing I made up my mind on is that I want a 3D TV (it is cool and for $300-$400 bucks more for the entire life of TV, why not?). My viewing distance is 8-10 feet and my wife doesn't think we need more than a 46 inch TV. For me, I don't get the concept of "this TV is too big" (just don't get it!! ). I got my 60 inch TV when the viewing distance was 10-12 feet! :)

I live on the 14th floor and I have a really big window (with reasonably good downtown view) in the living room. I want to be able to keep the window open and still enjoy my TV. Based on what I am reading, seems like C8000 is better than C7000 for that? And pretty much everyone here thinks plasma (PN series) is better than LED LCD (UN series) *for 3D*. But would having too much light exposure matter? (And plasma has 50 inch in size and my wife likes that! ). And for the same price (or close enough), I can get the Samsung audio bar if I get PLasma instead of LCD/LED. Or for the price of UN55C8000, I can get UNC557000+Installation+sound system (difference of $600!!!).

Why is LED LCD 3D that expensive when compared to Plasma 3D (3-4 years, there was lot of chatter about "burn in" for plasma. I see it subsided recently).


Thanks for your help!



Since I posted this yesterday, I went to the Laurel (MD) Best Buy and spent 20-25 minutes checking out the sets. The sales guy spent considerably amount of time convincing me that LG 9500 is a better set than C8000 for the same price (of course with multiple reminders that he doesn't get commission). He didn't have the 3D glasses for the plasma TV. I guess rating the sets on audio is futile - since most of the high end TV manufacturers just don't care enough about audio? (is it true?)

Thanks for your help
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