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I've had a Samsung pn50c450b1dxza 50" plasma for about 10 years now...and the screen went out in the middle of a movie last night. I've spent today researching and troubleshooting. I think I've figured out an answer (after a few wrong turns), but wanted to validate that with some smarter folks w/experience before I make a move. I attached a pic, wanted to make sure I'm looking at all the boards correctly. Pretty confident there, but correct me if I'm missing anything. On to the problem...

When I try to turn it on, get several clicks, like it's trying to turn on, then nothing. After reading a bit, I initially thought it was a capacitor or the power board in general. I did a little more step-by-step troubleshooting, though, and now I'm not sure. I unplugged all connections to the power board and powered it up (yellow box...and the one below the green, but that seems inconsequential)...only the initial click and then the Samsung startup noise. That tells me not the power board, right?

I plug the Y sustain board (yellow) and got the multiple clicks again. But then I left the Y sustain plugged in and unplugged the X sustain (pink) from it and got the Samsung startup. Now I think most of what I read showed both the Y and X sustains plugged into the power board, but mine appears to be serial from power to Y to X. Does that sound right? So then I plugged the X back into the Y and got the multiple clicks again.

So I've landed on the X sustain as my culprit. I realize I could go down to testing components of the board (capacitors, fuses, etc), but for $20-30, I'd rather just keep it simple and replace the board. I don't want to waste $20-30, though, and find that's not my actual issue. Am I on the right track or is there more testing I need to do to confirm? Is it possible it's not the X sustain at this point? Any help or suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!


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