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Samsung PN50C8000, Ghosting Issues???

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Hello All,

So I have the Samsung PN50C8000 and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far, yet, I was watching the football game last night when I noticed a few issues.

Often in the game the First down (Yellow) line will have a ghost or double image when the camera zooms in on the play or sweeps across the field. Same goes for the Pylons and first down markers (Both are orange). Lastly, the players helmets (Bengals game so the helmets were orange) would have ghost images or halos around their head as well when they would be moving (even slightly).

It didn't happen every second but it happened enough, why is this? It only happens with warm or hot colors for the most part (orange or yellow or red).

I had MJC turned to off, MPEG & Digital filters on off, Dynamic Contrast Ratio as off, and color temperature as Warm1, viewing mode is Cal-Day with settings I got from CNET. I updated the firmware to the latest version. My smaller lcd tv hooked up in the other room experiences no problems like this.

I do have the cable going through the receiver from the Onkyo 7300 HTIB set which upconverts it to 1080p. Other than that all settings on the receiver are "Through"

Like I said this doesnt happen often, and doesnt happen with blu-rays, usually live TV and especially sports.

Any help would be huge. Sorry for the long winded post, I am new to the forums so i will learn how to get right to the point, just wanted to be detailed.


PS: How do I check the current firmware version and the time log (how many hours the TV has been used)?
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could this also be phosphor trails?

Please someone help
No, it is not phosphor trails as you don't have a CRT TV. It could be the Onkyo fighting with the in-tv processing as you don't have issues with your BD player. Try connecting the cable directly and see if it goes away.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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