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Geez, after all these years I finally have a question for you experts out there.

I bought our Sammy 58B650 in January and I have, what I think, is a contrast problem. At first the set was fine, gorgeous picture, but then I noticed that if I run the recommended settings, Contrast 95, Brightness 50, etc. everything on the tv looks like it was filmed in a dark room. I first noticed it 2 weeks ago. I was watching a movie where all the men were wearing black suits, sitting at a dinner table with a dark background. Everything looked black, so I thought I had some major black crush going on. Then I rented the movie 2012 and the whole movie looked like it was filmed at night. I ran the movie on my old Mits 52144 and it was fine, so I knew I had a problem.

The only way I can get the picture to look somewhat normal on the Sammy is to run the contrast at 40 and the brightness at 85. Does this sound like something that can be adjusted in the service menu or do I have a bum set?

Thanks as always for any help,

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