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Samsung is not the only manufacturer whose sets show up with bad electrolytic caps. It is the most common failure point in most consumer electronics. Power supply caps are sometimes affected by external causes like lightning or other power surges.

While it is certainly possible that there is a bad batch of caps, the thing that I find odd in the Samsungs from this period that I have seen is that there are more of the exact same capacitors in nearby circuits that have not failed, or at least not yet. This tells me that the application may have something to do with the failure. It is likely that they are using cheap caps and are also pushing the limits of some aspect of their ratings.

The quality of electrolytic capacitors seems to have declined in the last couple of decades, and the applications at the same time are demanding more from them in many cases.

Samsung has been known for cost cutting in components for many years, so this is not unexpected. Keep that in perspective, as we see lots more bad caps in lower end products than we do in products like Samsung.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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