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Fellow AVS'ers.

Im writing this as a public service announcement. Im seeing more and more of these posts, and I thought I would let everone know my experience.

Samsung televisions (and a few other brands) built in mid to late 2007 had a bad batch of capacitors from China. Two of these 10 volt capacitors were installed on their power boards.

When these capacitors blow, they dont hold enough juce to turn the TV on. However they tend to blow slowly. People experiencing this problem, will see thier TV taking longer to turn on, Then it will cycle off and on a few times before finnaly turning on. And lastly, when the capacitors completely blow, the TV will not turn on at all.

The capacitors are cheap, about 50 cents each. People were origonally repairing these themselves because their sets are out of warranty. It is chepaer to solder in new capacitors, because a new power board costs around $150.

However as of Feburary 2010, Samsung has recognised this as a global problem to their sets. If you call 1-800-SAMSUNG, they will set up a service technitian to come to your house and solder in shiny new 25v capacitors. They will not charge you for this, even if your TV is out of warranty. Mine was 17 months old (well out of the 12 month standard warranty).

Its a cheap fix for Samsung, and much cheaper than buying a new TV.

I would suggest registering your TV on the samsung website if not allready, waiting a day, and then calling 1-800 samsung.

They should take care of it. They have a Service Level Agreement that you should have an appointment scheduled within 48 hours of your call. In fact. I called Samsung on a Sunday, and the technitian was there by monday morning (he had a free slot), so I was very pleased with my customer experience.

Stinks that it happend, but at least its being fixed.

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