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HI Guys,

This is my first post here, so I would just like to say 'Hello'.

I'm not sure I've posted this in the correct section (maybe HDTV Technical?), but here goes.....

Around 2 weeks ago I contacted Samsung to report a fault with the SMART fubction on the TV. After a few simple diagnostics I was taken through a 'Factory Reset' via the 'Service Menu'. It was found that the Wi-Fi module was no longer working and was replaced. Great!

NOW after the reset had been done I noticed that my once beautfiful bright and crisp picture had now become very dark and murky. I did a calibration, but only managed to correct the colours. I was still left with a very dark picture. OK I thought to myself, maybe it will once again brighten up over time as it had been taken back to factory settings. Then a few days later I happen to notice a VERY SLIGHT what I can only describe as 'motion blur'. It was as though the images on the screen were moving, but the components the make up the picture could not gather quickly enough to create a crisp enough image. All my filters are set to 'OFF'

RIGHT, it's time to call Samsung. After explaining the problem I was told to do another reset, but this time to go through the conventionial menu. To my delight the picture burst onto the screen looking as bright as it was previously and it appeared to have cleared up the blur problem at first. Over a period of a few hours the blur had crept in again. It's not really in your face so to speak, but it's enough to annoy. Especially when it wasn't there previously.

I've since done another reset through the service menu and another through the main TV menu to try and rectify it, but to no avail. I'm now just let with a terribly dark picture that just looks DNR'd to death.

Is there anyone here that's ever experienced anything like this and been able to rectify the problem OR are there any experts that may know exactly what the problem is here?

Any help or information would really be GREATLY RECEIVED AND APPRECIATED.

Thanks Guys.
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