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Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying a plasma and have those two models available to me locally for the same price.

I know the Panny is supposed to be a great TV, but after the rising black levels issue I'm not really sure.

The Sammy is a European model but I can't find any reviews about it, I know the 6 series plasmas have had good reviews in the US but I don't know if that applies to this European model too. Also the Sammy has better features.

What do you guys think, will the V10 after a black level rise still have deeper blacks than 6 series Sammy?

What would you guys pick?

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I am in love with my PS63B680.

This is my first SAMSUNG panel after having SONY and PANASONIC (both plasmas).

Once I had the chance to compare it with PANASONICV10 model, decided to purchase the sammy.

I preferred the picture quality and size of the PS63B680 although many reviewers were claiming that the v10 was the new king of the plasmas, replacing Pioneer...

Judge for yourself. It's the best way not to be mistaken...

My main concerns were related with manufacturing quality (not picture quality because I could compare different panels in the store), since I was used to having SONY and PANASONIC products which were a real reference in terms of buid quality...

Must admit that SAMSUNG has impressed me in comparison with its japanese competitors and think that Koreans are winning the flat panel battle against its japanese rivals... with both technologies (LCD/LED and PLASMA)...

This is the opinion of an old "fanatic" fan of SONY and even PANASONIC... (sad to say this because I had been hating koreans brands for many many years...).



Barcelona (Spain)
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