Although there is no official press release to work off of, there is now pricing for Samsung's 2017 Q8 and Q7 series QLED LED-lit 4K UHD HDR LCDs. That's because these new models are now available to preorder from the likes of and

The Q8 series currently comes in two sizes: 55" and 65". The 55" QN55Q8C sells for $3500 while the 65" QN65Q8C sells for $4500. These edgelit curved QLEDs feature surprisingly high native contrast (meaning deep blacks) as well as wide viewing angles—for an LED-lit LCD. Furthermore, thanks to the use of quantum dots, these displays possess tremendous color volume and peak brightness capability. These qualities allow them to render the latest HDR content faithfully.

The Q7 series QLEDs are flat and currently come in three sizes: 55", 65", and 75". The 55" QN55Q7F retails for $2500, the 65" QN65Q7F goes for $3500, and the 75" QN75Q7F has an MSRP of $6000. Like the Q8 series, these QLEDs offer comparatively high contrast and wide viewing angled for LED-lit LCDs.

Both the Q8 and Q7 series offer no-gap wall mount and Samsung's Invisible Connection cable that make DIY installs clean and easy. Crucially, these TVs Can display the full range of colors as well as shades contained in the latest HDR movies and TV shows. Whether you're watching Ultra HD Blu-ray, or streaming from services offering HDR 4K content such as Amazon, Netflix, and Vudu, you're sure to see what the director intended on one of these Samsung QLED TVs.