The Samsung Q900 8K QLED is a 85" , state-of-the-art TV with 33-million pixels of resolution and unprecedented HDR performance for a consumer TV. It combines all of Samsung's top TV technologies into a powerhouse display that sets a new standard for immersive home viewing.


This is not a typical review because the logistics of dealing with an 85" TV are different due to the weight and size, not to mention per-unit cost. No TV maker is shipping 85" units to reviewers, and yet the Q900 is only available at that one size, which presents a conundrum.

The solution, of course, is that reviewers had to book hands-on time with a single review unit. Unfortunately, there are distinct disadvantages to this approach, starting with the increased likelihood that the one TV shown to all the reviewers is a "cherry-picked" unit. And of course, there's the reality that spending a few days learning and getting used to an all-new TV before reviewing it offers greater insight than a one-day liaison.

Despite the limited time with the Q900, I put my Colorimetry Research meters up on the screen, rather than rely on Samsung's measurements. I also attached my own PC as well as Xbox One X to it so I could check out gaming and also how a 4K PC desktop look.

Samsung had their demo footage to show as well, which was seen by all the reviewers who had hands-on time with the TV. But, in addition to watching the provided content, I evaluated the Q900 QLED with my own 4K 60p drone footage, my own movie selection and my own games.


The headline feature of the Q900 is 7640 x 4320 pixel resolution, or 8K for short. It's also an incredibly capable HDR display, with an advertised peak luminance of 4000 nits in Dynamic mode (and 2000 nits in Movie mode). The other feature, which is very much related, is that this is an 85-inch TV. This is key, because in 2018 Samsung did not have a flagship at that size until now.

The Q900 is a FALD-LCD TV that uses quantum dots to enhance the backlight and render the full color volume of the DCI/P3 color space used in commercial cinema. In layman's terms, the colors really pop on this screen. And it has the most powerful processor Samsung has offered in a TV yet, the Quantum Processor 8K.

This 85″ 8K TV is HDR compatible—including HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG formats. Physical design elements include the slab-like form factor that is wall-mountable. The TV comes with Samsung's 2018 Smart Remote

Like other 2018 QLEDs, this TV recognizes speech and offers a wide range of voice-activated capabilities. You can search for content by just asking for it using Bixby, control items connected to home automation with SmartThings, and open a menu directly, instead of navigating to it.

Not only is the Q900 a home cinema powerhouse, it is also the most badass gaming display on the planet because it support Freesync. That means it is not locked into one frame rate, instead it can adapt to whatever the gaming device is able to provide. I confirmed the Freesync functionality by connecting my Xbox One X.

Ultra-low latency (QLEDs consistently measure