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I gave my father a VCR -> DVD recorder for Christmas and he has only used it to watch upconverted DVD so far. He pulled out the family VHS tapes to convert them finally and it looks as if the VHS player on the unit does not work but you get audio... ? The picture is either solid black or has white lines on a black background.

He had HDMI and composite cables connected, I don't know it the system can accept that many output options but with both pluged in you get audio on both inputs to the TV but no video. Samsung wants us to send it in for service but the rep said that there were no updates for this type of product which I called BS on and got on here. What do you know! I found a firmware update!

What may be wrong that I can fix for the VHS player? Settings wrong?

Is it worth it to do the firmware update? It's a .ruf file so is that burned like an iso?

Model: DVD-VR357

Thanks for any help!

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When I get home I am going to check this for you, I have the 357.

I do not have this issue, however be advised some of his VCR tapes, if commercial, will not copy, there are protected. But it will tell you that, not show a black screen.

I also did not know about the firmware update, and cannot find anywhere on the Samsung site what the upgrade does, Have you installed it?

What did it do?

I am leary of their upgrades, because I have the infamous 5271, and based on comments on this forum chose not to upgrade it.
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