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samsung rptv tv changing colour sometimes

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hi i have a samsung Model Number SP42W4HPX rptv

and i recently played around with the service menu i noticed the tv's whites where a kind of red colour so i turned the red cut down soon as i did this the whole picture went blue so i deciced to leave it is this normal also i would like to get the service manual for this tv as i want to tweak it a bit make the white balance more white etc after leaving the set off for all night the tv hasnt been fading diffrent colours but if any 1 no's what this is i would like to no i got this tv off ebay i messeged the buyer and she will not reply bck is this serious or just bad tweaking ?
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Tbere are very few of us who have actually tryed using the service menu instead of the normal user accessable picture adjuestments for settings colors etc ( I for one have never tried found it necessary to try and use the servide menu). I suggest that you try setting the service menut to its defaults, if you have that ability, and then setting your adjustments for each of your RPTV sources separatly since they are set and saved separatly by source and in some cases by resolution within a source such as DVi or HDMI.

Also as long as you want to shout you are not likely to get many responses.
u no what i wish i never found this service menu i changed a few things like tint and cant renember the defaults lol but i did set it to 33 half way and it looks like it did before sorry about shouting i just hate waiting i got the settings to change the tv from a site tha :) :D t said it would look better if i change this and that will it did not so im gunna leave it as it is only thing that helped was col axis but i still would like the service menu for this tv so if any 1 has it please post it i will be verry greatfull thanx
also the tv looks perfect now and i got it cheap only £300
i dont no whats going on with my tv but when i put it on this morning the whole screen was green also red cut has no affect anymore up or down but blue and green do really strange the red is still working though anyway what i did was put rcut gcut bcut all from 4 to 2 and now its better but if i leave the tv off for a while and put it on the screen is green again help! also this tv has a tiny pin head red dot in the screen i no it was like this when i bought it but is there a way to remove it is not visable when the screen is off thats minor anyway the screen going green is whats serious could it be from over use the set is on 20 hours a day
Can Some 1 help me the screen was green again this morning i dont post on here for nothing u no
It is possible that no one here has this tv, which is why no one is responding. Try typing the model number in google and see what you get. Might help you. Also, this is why you should never buy electronic equipment from ebay :( The price may be good, but you get what you pay for.
i really need the service manual tryed google didnt find much about it but dont all rp crt tv have this kind of problem
One other thing, have you tried unplugging and the 5 minutes later plugging back in.
no will try thaT but because i messed with the service menu a bit the problems started comming but the colour changing was happening before i messed with it when i was playing ps2 or xbox and in progressive mode the screen fades and the picture is really dull
ok thanx m8 after dissconecting it for 5 mins and switching it back on it was ok the green has gone but i dought it will stay like this i got it off ebay by the way
ok quick update the tv is perfect now i found out nearly all the service menu settings were wrong colour temp system etc afer finding the service men using google i restored the tv to the defaults and wow what can i say the picture is amazing really sharp and the blacks rnt red anymore this has made my day if any 1 else needs to no where free service manuals are heres a link http://www.eserviceinfo.com/equipmen...Samsung_2.html the green cut was far too high no wonder the tv was green every time i switched it on lol lucky it didnt damage my tv all sorted out now though :D :cool: ;)
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