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Thanks to all the other posts which were very helpful with my Samsung s5053 plasma TV.

I've had the TV for 5 years. 10 months ago I first notice the top half of the screen going black. The lost picture would come back after a while. After reading posts I learned this is symptomatic of a upper y buffer issue.

Since it only happened occasionally, I waited until the problem got worse. Instead of the upper screen issue getting worse, I started losing the entire screen. The loss of screen got worse over time. A couple weeks ago, I couldn't use the tv for more than 2 hours without it losing the screen for 15 min or so.

I worried that this would result in replacing the Y main, upper buffer and lower buffer. I questioned if it was worth it.

I started thinking about the old days of motherboards. Sometimes you could put the PC boards in the oven and solve cold solder issues.

I figured first I'd try removing it and reinstalling to fix any dirty connector issues. I reassembled the TV and haven't had an issue in 2 weeks. I'm considering the issue solved.

I encourage anyone having intermittent problems to try removing and reinstalling the buffers.


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