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Samsung SIR-T150 vs. Zenith HDV420

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Hi everyone -

I am looking for an OTA HD box to connect up to a Panny ED Plasma via the 15pin DSub connector (the Panasonic is sort of limited in its inputs). I was planning to use it with an indoor SS antenna.

Am I better off with a Zenith HDV420 or a Samsung 150? Any issues with aspect ratio lock-downs or PQ with the 15pin VGA connections with either?

Also, which is better in terms of signal strength pull in?

Both seem to be cheaper than dropping a full-load on a D* combo box such as the HD200 or the S520.

Or should I wait until the new HDV430 comes out or just go with the new Samsung 165 and use the component pass thru?

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There's a review of the Samsung SIR-151 vs the zenith HDV420 at


The 151 is very similar to the 150 with the exception that the 151 lacks a 15-pin VGA-style RGB connector.
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