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Finally received my 165 today. Of course I ripped open the package and hooked it up right away

A couple of observations:

1. Channel 8-2 (in Dallas) causes the box to reboot! When I attempted to remove the channel it would crash immediately. Finally it dawned on me that disconnecting the antenna lead would allow me to switch to the channel and remove it from the menu. That worked. This one doesn't bother me too much.

2. There appears to be a lip-sync problem with DVD input. Has anyone else seen this? It's just enough out-of-sync to be really annoying.

3. The receiver appears to be more sensitive than the 150. It picked up stations I could never get on the 150 or Panny DST-50. And the channel changes are fast.

4. I hooked up two DVHS units to a Firewire hub and then the hub to the 165. Press the "Firewire" button on the remote and up comes the menu with both units listed. Really cool. Select the unit and off you go!

I would imagine that Samsung will be releasing fixes for both the 165 and the 160 sometime in the future. I am satisfied enough to wait.:)
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