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I used to have a Samsung SIR-TS160 I used for OTA-only (ATSC). It worked great, but I ended up selling it when I replaced it with an HTPC. Now I need an HD tuner for the bedroom so I was going to buy another TS160. However, I noticed used SIR-TS360's are about the same price as used TS160's so I thought maybe it would be better to get one of those.

Which is better for OTA? Does one have better signal-pulling strength than the other?

One feature I saw the SIR-TS360 has that I would really like, is it has inputs. That would be wonderful because I'd only have to run 1 video cable through the wall to my plasma. Can the SIR-TS360 take a component input and send it through DVI?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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