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Hi. I have two samsung SIR-TS360 receivers and one started failing with BOOT FAIL on its display. I tried power cycle, unplugged for several minutes, Pressed Red RESET button. Everything short of a swift kick. Is there a way to hard reset to factory settings to get this pig to boot again?

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I do not know of any remote sequence or front panel button sequence to do a hard reset. "Boot fail" message is usually because no dish is connected or the access card is not being read . I have three suggestions: first, check the cable connection into the unit; second, unplug unit, remove access card, wait a few minutes, reinsert access card and power up; third, if the above did not solve it, do #2 again, with the additional step of using a pencil eraser and gently rubbing the gold contact area of the access card prior to inserting into the unit.

I had this happen to me on this unit and removal of the card and reinsertion did the trick. I had a problem on a non-hidef receiver and could not get it to work until I used an eraser on the gold contacts.
I had the same problem but managed to get it to work after a few tries. However, you need to be able to see the first screen with the big "INSTALL" button showing. click on that and then go into the setup screen. Then in the type of satellite, choose "no dish" and exit.

Then switch the thing off and back on again after about 20 secs and it works! I have no dish - just feeding it OTA and Cable TV and DVD thru component.

The above is what I recall doing.... I am in the office before work and am sending this - no unit in front of me.

Goto the Samsung site . There is info in the tech surport on how to reset that box.
Menu right arrow twice will get you to setup screen, if you do a factory reboot you may have to call D* to reactivate card. Good luck.
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