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Any news about the Samsung slim CRT model that was

introduced at CES
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Just what's on the web. I think CNET has a write-up.
holy hell, i think i may just wait on purchasing this sony 30" HD tv for this. hopefully we'll see a few reviews before its launched
Originally posted by dsmith901
Here's a PR link:

Man i hate marketing people. They say it "measures less than 16 inches from front to back, whereas typical CRT sets on the market today average more than 24 inches in depth" but in reality the other 30" TVs from Sony, Panny, Toshiba, and even Samsung themselve range from 21" to 22" deep so i don't know how they can claim the others are 24" deep. I also like how they call it a "Cathode Ray Panel" as if it's 3" thick like an LCD or sumthin. Then to top it off they position the TV at just the right angle in the photo so it looks like a 3" thick LCD flat panel with no hint of the bulky rear cabinet showing.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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