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Hi guys I searched the forum and read the faqs but couldn’t find anything on this set :Samsung Tantus model: SP-43T8HC

Is this a HDTV set? If so what modes does it support? Because when I connect my Xbox using the HDTV component cables and turn on 480P or 720P on the xbox dashboard and I reset the system or start a game I get a no connection message (all the games I have support 480P) I tried setting the TV mode to progressive and digital through the menu and its still the same .

Samsungs page for this TV states the following specs

100Hz Natural Scan & Progressive

Double Window & Multi 2 Tuner PIP

Multi Digital Convergence

Auto Perfect FocusTM Pro

RealFlectTM System Pro

Anti Glare Protection Screen

DVD Input

Dolby Pro-Logic Surround

15W x 2ch. Sound Output (RMS)

Multi Stereo System- HD Fine Pitch Screen

Separated Rack


Does anyone know the solution to this problem or is there a tweaking guide for this set? any help or additional info is appreciated
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