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I have a DLP 56a650 and i have been waiting to get it serviced for 2 months now. I have black dots on my screen, that isnt dirt, prob from the mirrors, and they say a part is on back order. Well i found out today the part on back order is a 2 dollar cleaning cloth, the same one that came with my tv. So i was like well screw you samsung, just give me a new TV instead. lady puts me on hold for like 10 mins, comes back and is like okay we can exchange your tv, but all we can give you is either our LN 42 or the best we can do is an LN 46 LCD tv.

At that moment i was like screw you samsung, i know you stopped making DLPs but dont come back with your 42in LCD. Screw you. Im not gonna downgrade, I do now want you to send me all my parts to fix my tv overnight. This is ********.

damn samsung
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