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Hi all.

I seem to be having some trouble with my PS3 resolutions.

I have a Samsung Syncmaster 225MD, hooked up to my PS3 with a HDMI cable.

Initially when I had bought the PS3 and plugged it in, and run the auto-set up etc., everything was running fine. The PS3 detected optimal resolution to 1080p and everything was running fine.

Recently however, I've noticed that the PS3 looks crisp as usual in the menu, but the games now have jagged, choppy, pixelated edges. Even the menu looks like that once a game has been started up.

I know that the games I have run in 720p, but why suddenly have they started comming up jagged? I'm guessing it's a scaling issue, but I don't understand what could have changed. I've tried changing the PS3 to 720p but it looks even worse. I'm guessing my monitor is still running at 1080p and the image is not being upscaled?

To test whether it was the PS3, i plugged it into my other samsung downstairs, withut changing the settings, still set to 1080p, and it comes out amazingly crisp and normal, how it should be.

I'm guessing then it's not the PS3 or cable, but something with my monitor's settings? Or has something broken? Any ideas?

Thank you!
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