Will Samsung create a new flavor of OLED TV that relies on quantum dots? That's the rumor following a report in Korea's etnews.com that was picked up by John Archer at Forbes.com . Ordinarily, I'd wait for some sort of official confirmation rather than posting a rumor, but in this instance, the company's response to inquiries as to whether a Samsung OLED is in the works is “no comment.”

Certainly, with its expertise manufacturing OLEDs for mobile devices, Samsung has the engineering talent needed to get back into the OLED TV game. But one of the more interesting aspects of this rumor is the idea that Samsung will marry OLED technology with its QLED technology by using only blue OLED material to create light and converting it to red and green subpixels with quantum dots. Theoretically, one benefit to that approach is to reduce the asymmetrical aging of the red, green, and blue OLED subpixels (in current OLEDs) that can result in image retention.

The etnews article (translated from Korean) states that Samsung Display has produced 55" and 65" prototypes using this purported approach to making an OLED TV. The article is explicit in noting that LCD is not a part of the technology mix; it is a true OLED. But it also says the product is still under development, with some kinks in preventing the blue light from leaking through the red and green subpixels needing to be worked out.

Prudence demands an end to speculation about whether a so-called "QD-OLED" TV is in the works. Needless to say, Samsung returning to OLED and marrying that technology with quantum dots would be huge news, if it it's confirmed.

There's already a discussion going on in the forum , so I'm coopting that thread for any comments on this intriguing rumor. Also, if I get any official information from Samsung I will report on it immediately.