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I have been reading a lot of posts that lean towards using ARC... I just want to make sure I get the best sound quality out of all my devices if possible. 


Current setup:


TV = Samsung UN60D7050 

DVR = Comcast Newest DVR box = currently HDMI 1

XBOX = Used for gaming = HDMI 2

PS3  = Used for Blu Ray Movies HDMI 3

AVR = Samsung HWFM55C - Has HDMI In and Out, and Optical


Currently I have all the HDMIs from the devices going to the TV and 1 Optical Out coming from TV to AVR.


Would it be better to incorporate ARC ... and if so how would I be able to run all devices through my AVR. 


Please help with this wiring project I am about to partake on. Thank you all ahead of time! 
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