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Samsung TXR2765AX/AXX help

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Hi all,

This is my first pose here at AVS forum...normally I'm a lurker, but circumstances dictated that I register and post

anyway, I was recently given a Samsung TXR2765AX/AXX HDTV as a gift (depending on how you look at it) from a family member. It only supports 480p and 1080i, and lacks a tuner. It's a huge and wide bastard, and I got some questions about it:

1. does anyone know anything about this hdtv? I tried a google search, but nothing showed up. Is there anything I should know about this boulder?

2. I understand that HDTV's don't show SD content well, but the picture on this tv looks awful. Is there anyway SD content can look a little better, short of buying a HD tuner and antenna?

3. I entered the service menu using the input code (mute-1-8-2-power) but I honesty have no idea what I'm looking at. it might as well be japanese. does anyone have any tips here?

4. using my xbox 360, i only have a choice between 480p and 1080i. 480p looks...fine, but 1080i looks really, really dark. also, text looks somewhat blurry. should this be?

thanks all for your help.
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1. Nope

2. SD tends to look like crap on a big screen HD TV. It's so hard to go back to viewing SD material after watching in HD. Really nothing you can do about that, cept tweak the picture to the best of your ability to try and minimize artifacts and other SD uglies. But yea, SD Looks like crap on my xbr970, and i have digital cable.

3. See if you can get a service manual, or check around one of the internets for any tweak guides or anything for this model.

4. Just keep it on 1080i. Maybe you can offset the brightness in the service menu so you wont have to change it every time you switch from 480p to 1080i. That could get annoying, especially if you sue your 360 to watch dvds.

But then again i am not really sure about this TV and it's service menu.
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