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Hi Guys,

After the software update to 1029, my tv worked fine for 1 day and then started to fun. In the beginning the TV was bootlooping after I plugged the outlet to power, TV switched on, showed the Samsung smart tv logo, and after 1-2 seconds rebooted itself, and this happened over and over again. For a while the tv started after 6-7 reboots worked fine for about 2 hours and then started again to bootloop. Now it is just bootlooping no matter what I do. I tried to replace the power board, but still the same, so I assumed the main is defect. Bought another main, which was taken from a 55d7000 having the same model code as mine, BN41-1622C, but with this main the TV doesn't show anything, I can hear the start relay click, the power led blinks 5 times, and after around 15 seconds reboots. Is there a way to push a D8000 firmware to the new main ( the one taken from 55d7000) without the screen working? I read about the console, tried to connect to the stereo jack, but can't see anything in the terminal, most likely because the RS232 option in the service menu is not set to debug. without the screen working, Is there a way to set RSR232 to debug mode?

Any advise is more than welcome!

Thank you!
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