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I've got a Samsung 46" C6530 LED TV and am trying to set it's timer to turn on and off at a certain time each day.

I access this menu via: Menu > Settings > Time

I currently have it plugged into a HDMI media player which streams audio and HD video via HDMI to the HDMI input. The TV isn't plugged into any other inputs or satellite inputs.

When I access this menu, all three timers are greyed out (I cannot select them using the cursor keys on the remote control) and say they are inacativated. I have attached a pic.

I have just done a firmware upgrade to a 2013 firmware version, but the issue was the same before and after the upgrade.

I've also tried plugging-in the input into different HDMI ports.

Does anybody know how to activate the timers?

With thanks in advance,


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