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My nice 3-yr-old curved, 4K, HDR, local dimming 40" Samsung I was using for my PC display suddenly started flickering and showing black between horizontal lines only on the right side, plus a 1/8"-wide black vertical line about 1" from the right edge. The image jumps around. It's in the hardware, as it even happens with the logo screen and no inputs. It appears to emanate from the lower right corner, where there is a patch of discolored pixels. Samsung service declared it in need of a new panel, which is not cost-effective.

Anyone see this on one of theirs in the JU7500 line? I suspect it's a delamination in the LCD layer at the interconnection ribbon in the lower right. I tried cleaning the junction of the ribbon and the LCD with alcohol to no avail.

The bummer is that there is no 40" or 43" equivalent anymore with a uniform image (curved or wide-angle) viewed at 24". I really wanted to play with 3D photos as well, but that's gone in the market.

Advice appreciated on what to sub. And on what I can do with the bad display.
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