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I have narrowed my search down to two TVs, and would appreciate some input.

I am looking for an LED tv in the 47'' range, and like:
  • Samsung UN46C6300
  • LG 47LE5400

I have been reading reviews for the past several days, and both seem to be very well-performing TVs. Based solely on reviews, and no actual long-term experience with either TV, here is what I have come up with:

Samsung UN46C6300:

  • Good black levels
  • Overall excellent colors
  • A friend of mine just moved out of state and bought one, and he really likes it

  • Viewing angle not so great
  • Glossy screen (I am used to matte screens, but I am willing to try glossy)

LG 47LE5400

  • IPS panel
  • Good viewing angle

  • Black levels could be better
  • I've seen several reviews that talk about flashlighting in the corners

Again, this is just information I've gathered from reading reviews. I don't have experience with either set, so I have no idea how accurate this information is.

Regarding the Samsung:

I have seen many positive reviews criticize the Samsung for poor viewing angles. Can anyone comment on this? I have my TV setup so that when I am cooking, I can see it from the kitchen but it would be on an angle. This is my single biggest concern with the Samsung.

My other concern is the glossy screen. I live in a city, and have lights that shine through my window. My temporary TV (a 26'' Toshiba Regza) has a matte screen, and the lighting isn't an issue. I am worried that the gloss screen will reflect this light.

Regarding the LG:

How serious of a problem is the flash lighting in the corners? I have read the xxLE8400 thread here, and some people have reported this problem. Does this problem typically plague LED tv's, or is it especially bad for the LG?

I have also seen a few people on here criticize the blacks on the LG. I am just curious if the blacks are that much worse on the LG than the Samsung that this should be an issue. The important question is, at the end of the day, will a typical, non-HD expert like myself really notice the difference?

Regarding both:

I occasionally play games on my xbox. All of the reviews I have read do not appear to list any issues assocated with gaming on either set. Just wanted to confirm this.

Any input whatsoever is greatly appreciated. I just moved and I am looking to pick up a new TV ASAP.

Thank you!
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