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I'm a newbie to HDTV and just bought my 1st flat panel 2010 Samsung UN46C7000 (240Hz LED, 3D active) for $750 (open box on clearance) at my local Sears store. It's the floor model, in good shape, back and frame has some very minor scratches but the screen is clean and no dead pixels. It just comes with the remote, nothing else but I thought that was still a good deal as is.

Set it up at home with Cox HDTV yesterday and like the HD picture very much. It was even too sharp to my eyes that it would disturb me sometimes as I was used to my old CRT tube
However, I have no idea how it would compare to other models out there and also don't know if it has any particular or known issues that should be checked too (and how?).

Then while searching for more reviews on this model, I stumbled upon the 2011 LG 47LV5500 (120Hz LED, no 3D) which has great reviews and can be had for $750-$800 (new) shipped online.

So in your opinion, besides the 3D feature (which I won't use much anyway), should I keep the used 2010 Sammy or go with the new 2011 LG model? Or any other models within the same price range?

Thanks a bunch...
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