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Samsung UN55B6000 or Samsung LN52B750?

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I've narrowed down my choices in TV's to two (but will entertain others if someone makes a compelling argument.

I'm currently between the Samsung LN52B750 and the Samsung UN55B6000

I don't need the exceptionally thin panel and mosthly watch football. I'm not that hung up on the 52 inch vs 55 inch.

What are the arguments for spending the extra grand to get the LED Set?

Are there any downsides to the LCD set other than the energy consumption is higher??

Is the picture that much better on the LED??

Thanks for sharing yoru opinions
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Well, I have the little 40" B6000 hanging in the bedroom, it has an incredible picture, but would not want to watch football on it for extended periods. It is the motion flow or 120hz that drives me batty, and it can't be turned off on my set. But, for viewing before nodding off, it fits the bill. I will tell you it does handle the motion end of things very well, watched some hockey on it and I could follow the puck and no blocking or screen door stuff going on.

Then you need to watch out for flashlighting from the corners on the 55" LEDs. There are quite a few posts here regarding that problem. Some sets it is barely noticable and others it will drive you nuts. So if you go with the LED, I would say buy locally so that you can easily return it if needed.

Your other pick, I am sure is a fine set, and comparable to the LED.

But for football, not to burst your bubble, but I would look at a plasma. I picked up a Samsung 58B560 locally for under 2g's. Now this is a football machine in my book, my "primary" reason for purchasing it, and to watch a movie now and then. We have a 60hz Sony KDL-V3000 LCD in the living room for general viewing that works fine, but is so so for football. It is a 2008 model LCD without all of the motion flow and 120hz stuff. But like I said, all of that makes for an annoying viewing session, at least for me on my B6000.

Hope this helps, and just my own experience as a football fan.

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I know plasma will usually be a better picture for sports> I looked at a 720P50in Kuro a year or two ago when they finally came down under the 2K threshold but because the room is too bright I think the lcd is a better option.

Originally Posted by charliebeagledog /forum/post/16824743

I know plasma will usually be a better picture for sports> I looked at a 720P50in Kuro a year or two ago when they finally came down under the 2K threshold but because the room is too bright I think the lcd is a better option.

Yes, if there is glare, a room with allot of windows, an LCD may be a better option. But, I have my plasma buried in my basement, and what light it does get from the walkout side is not a problem. If this is a moderately lit room, I would go with a plasma, pick your manufacturer and trust your eyes. I am a fanboy of the technology for certain things and conditions, and football is one of them. For general viewing, my LCD gets the job done.

Based on other reviews and it's features, I selected ln52b750. It was a good choice. The picture is gorgeous. As many have stated before, the sound could use some work, but it is still sufficient. I, as many who spend this kind of money and effort will be hooking up a receiver and speakers so that will become no factor. It is a great TV.
If you do consider the plasma vs LCD route just consider that the Pioneer's coating on the TV handles glare better than either of the Samsung TV's you've mentioned. If the Elite's are still around they have an ISF day mode that brightens the picture a bit. To what extent of I'm not sure of but it might be worth a look if that's even a consideration. Just a thought.
localnet -- I just purchased a UN32B6000VF model (to replace a failed LG LCD model). So far the PQ looks very good. Per the manual, the "Auto Motion Plus 120Hz" can be set to: Off / Clear / Standard / Smooth / Custom / Demo. So it can be disabled on that B6000 model. It has a manufacture date of April 2009.

NOTE: For the "motion flow" control -- Clear = minimum, Standard = medium, and Smooth = maximum (per the manual). The "Custom" mode lets you differentiate between "Video Blur" reduction and "Film Judder" reduction. The "Demo" mode displays the difference between On and Off. The default setting is = Off.

I haven't calibrated it yet, but it looks like it has a lot of settings to play with (it's not a full CMS, but it is pretty close). The Menu operation is a little hard to get used to (it seems a little awkward compared to what I am used to from my other displays). The black levels are excellent too, 100% better than any of my other LCD TVs or monitors.

I haven't noticed any "flash-lighting" on my smaller model. However, I also don't run my set at the maximum "back-light" level (or contrast setting) either.

charliebeagledog -- I chose to pay the premium (about $500 for the 32" model) for the LED lit version. The reasoning is because the CFL light in my other (LG) model burned out after 2.5 years of use, and the LED lit models consume 40 Watts less power (Samsung claims 40% less power consumption - actually its the other way around, the CFL powered ones consume 40% more power, point of reference semantics).

BTW, you should download the manuals from the Samsung web site before you buy. That way you will know what the adjustments are, and what power consumption for each set is.

PS -- I bought mine from BB, and they knocked off $160 as a price match to the "In-Store" price at my local Fry's Electronics.
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