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Samsung un55c6500 Question

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So I have had my UN55C6500 for a little over a month now and everything is fine with it, but the last few days I have noticed that dark colors are leaving huge blurry trails. For example, in games, if I am looking at a character in front of me with dark hair and then turn, the hair leaves a long blur. In movies, if you are looking at a face and the persons eyes/pupils are dark, the pupil darkness bleeds to the corners of the eyes and face. (Like in roll models when they zoomed in on Ronnies face at the house party, the sides of his face by his eyes were a dark strip, the same thickness of his pupils and when he moved it blurred and went away).

I'm not sure how else to explain it without making a video on my flip, but does this sound like a defect that I should call samsung about and have them fix?
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Turn off all (noise) filters on the TV.
Disabling that did nothing, it still blurs dark images into light.

-- Edit

I think i fixed it. The Trails go away when I brighten the screen up, so maybe I had the settings set way to dark.

I set "HDMI black level" from low to normal and readjusted my contrast and brightness (along with disabling all the filters). Now its not blurring so bad.

I guess that this is how LED/LCDs are (I was coming from a sony 34xbr960 tube)

And I moved/reposted this into the appropriate owners thread. Sorry to start a new topic.
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