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ok got my brand new un55d6450 and decided to play in the service manu

i obviously changed somthing i did not intend to

i now get horizontal dark bands in the middle of the screen when in 3d.

like the blanking timing is off ... the band is in diffreent places on the left and right eyes. this was working before i toched anyting. testing using the 3d videos in the smaprt menu.

i know i accedently changed the 'frount color' setting and dont know what its should be. so if anyone knows what that setting should be that would be great. but i am not sure thats the cause of my problem

It is very possible i changed another option, as i was not that familiar with navigation in the service menu and may ahve chaned some setting while nosing aorund..

is there a list of all the default settings someplace?

thanks for any asistance in this.
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