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Hello, I saw a 60” Class (60.0” Diag.) LED 6003 Series at Wal-Mart for about a thousand dollars, and figuring it has the higher 240HZ, I am thinking to purchase it. This has not the fancy smart features I read on the Samsung thread; I do not need any special applications because I will never use any internet service. I mainly purchase DVDs and Blu-Ray, as many as I think might interest me. I have am Oppo 105D and thought this TV might show more if the Darbee effects than my Panasonic 50” plasma, which I found recommended here. I also have a Esoteric and mainly listen to music, using the Esoteric, or my ARC CD player in this room. It is almost like two systems in one room, when I watch movies, the Oppo connects to a Classe processor and to five different speakers and subwoofer. Movie power consumption is high, but not as high as stereo

The TV lacks features, which I will not need and from what I understand the Oppo will do all that. I am mainly looking for a bit better picture and a little bigger, for this is a large room. Also, with the gear using up much current, I figure the LED will save a little on power consumption over the plasma.

There were some reviews that reported a line running though the TV, but most were favourable I concern is this is big and I would not like to get stuck with a bad one and have to return it.

Is there anything undesirable about this TV, besides not having smart futures? It says it has two HDMI all I will never need because my Esoteric, mainly for music will play DVD though component cables, ( a new HDMI Esoteric cost over $14,000) which this TV has, and I think it has one composite, which may be good for reading menus for set-op?

I have another HT system in a large bedroom where I mainly watch movies with my older Oppo 93 player, with all 8 channels, ran directly onto an older higher quality but pre HDMI reviver, although the video is HDMI, same with the big one, from that Oppo I will use the HDMI

Do you think I would be happy with this TV, given these facts?
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