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Samsung UN60JU7090 stand screw size

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I have a Samsung UN60JU7090 that I bought back in early 2016 and it has been serving me quite well. About 2 yrs ago I wall-mounted it but now my wife wants a LARGER TV in that room (gotta love a woman like that!). Well, I had put the assembled stand away in a closet after wall-mounting and now I cannot find the 4 screws that mount the stand to the back of the TV. I haven't even decided what TV I will buy to put in that room so I was just trying to be proactive and get my ducks in order so that I could put the UN60JU7090 back on its stand and move it to another room when the time comes.

Does anybody know the screw size so that I can buy a replacement set of screws? I see sets online but they do not give the screw size and the cost of a set of those seems awfully high for 4 screws. I was hoping I could find a suitable replacement at Lowe's or Home Depot for less money.

I'll continue searching for the original screws as I never toss things like that into the trash so they are here in my house 'somewhere' unless they got accidentally tossed, but it would be easier to just go buy some new screws. I can't even find the manual online to see if those screws and their size are listed in the parts listing.
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Well, I haven't found the original screws for my stand but did figure out by trial and error that they are metric M4 x 0.7mm. I am guessing that I need either a 12mm or 16mm length. Turns out that this quest was far easier than I anticipated.

I found a 6x32 machine screw in my screw can and it screwed in snugly but it was so short that it tightened in less than 1.5 turns so I could not tell if it was an exact fit or not, especially since the TV is still wall-mounted and I had to reach around to the back to access where the screws go. Took that screw with me to Home Depot and checked the closest size in metric because I figured that the original screws were most likely metric ones. Good guess on my part. The metric screws are the exact thread size but the 10mm length I bought screw all the way into the back of the tv without the extra thickness of the stand so I know I need longer ones. That will be another trip to nearby Home Depot but at least I know what size to look for. Two screws were right around .80 cents so 4 will be under $2 which is way better than $7+ buying 4 screws online!

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