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I just recently got my 46B6000 from TD and it has the BN01 Panel.

I have the commonly reported 'Clouding' issue which is highly noticeable during dark scenes, especially while watching in a dimmed room.

I also have noticeable poor off angle view from the Left side [colors look washed out, blacks turn greyish], while the Right side is quite decent!! Head on, PQ is A+ but clouding is still very visible!!

Is Samsung still playing the Panel lottery game with LEDs ? If yes, what are the different Panels versions on the 6000/7000 LED LCDs ?

I did read the official thread but it's more general than specific to this issue, which is why I'm creating another thread to discuss/address just this problem..

I'm wondering what other owners are experiencing, and how that relates to their Panel ? Do certain Panel versions on the 6000/7000 have elevated clouding, flash-lighting issues ?

I'm thinking about exchanging or returning this for another make/model [ LG H90 or the Sammy 650/750 CCFL ] but I'd like to hear from other 6000/7000 Series owners before taking any further steps.. I have about a week to decide..

Also, if you have the same clouding/blooming/flash-lighting issues, what steps have to taken to reduce/eliminate [if that's even possible] this ? If you could, please also post your settings for HD-TV channels, and BR..

Please post!!
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